Mad Men … the end of an era

For all you Mad Men fans who lament over the end of the series, I hear you!  Not only is Mad Men a smart drama, but I am drawn to the smart set design.  I decide that I can potentially like a tv show or movie based on the set design alone – it plays a big part on whether I change the channel or not.  Do you remember Betty’s chaise lounge from season 3? SC&P’s office had bright, primary colors and mid-century furniture pieces from Knoll & Herman Miller (who won’t forget Peggy roller skating to Roger’s organ tunes). The sunken living room with wood paneling and white carpet in Don & Megan’s penthouse in NYC reminds me of my childhood. Megan’s bungalow in Laurel Canyon was in a folk-arts style with the shag rug, psychedelic drapes, macramé plant holders and Navajo blankets. SO much eye candy. Sigh.

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