Respect the Architecture

Okay, everyone… if you must add onto your home, pretty please do it with respect. I can’t handle any more of these gi-normous eyesores that do not match the architecture of the existing structure. If your home is a mid-century modern masterpiece, then it doesn’t make sense to add on a rotunda room of Cornithian columns, am I right? First, go online and research the architecture style of your home and the date it was built. You will learn a lot, I promise. Next, hire a team of design professionals (architect/interior designer) to help you find a design solution that complements the architecture of your home.

Also ask yourself, “Do I really need to have that much space?” I am sure both you and your design team can come up with something that is scaled appropriately for your home. Use every inch of every crevice, and you will discover a special space or room that makes your home unique.  How about a window seat that expands your dining space or an office niche that makes use of an unused closet?


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