Out with the new … in with the old

Get your vintage on! Vintage furniture pieces create a statement, and they already have a history. You get to tell your friends stories about where you found a piece… it’s all about the hunt. They are typically made with stronger materials using techniques that are constructed better than the typical “big box” furniture that you have to put together yourself. Vintage pieces can always be reupholstered or refinished to customize and make ’em your own.

Are you already tired of that coffee table that you just bought? Give the table to a cousin who has no furniture and is renting her first apartment.  Then, head over to your favorite, neighborhood vintage furniture resale shop like Revision Home, Divine Consign, Broadway Antique Market, and Scout – thanks to Colleen. Check out Architectural Artifacts (a bit overwhelming in a good way) for accessories and New Metal Crafts for lighting in the Chicago area. Many of these stores also have web sites to browse their inventory to give you a sample of what they have. You should definitely visit them for the best selections. One of my favorite furniture and accessories stores, Jayson Home, even has a collection of vintage pieces for sale.

This is just a sample of local Chicago resources, so check out vintage resale shops in your area.  My friends also love a good estate sale – I am talking to you, Sally.

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